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We are a Melbourne-based coffee roaster, supplying both cafes and wholesalers. We believe coffee to be more than a beverage, and aim to work with our customers to supply and create coffee blends that match our customers’ identity and expectations.

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60West Coffee offers three distinct blends (The Most Wanted, The Chief and The Gunslinger) which suits most brewing applications. However, we are willing to work with you to create your own unique blend.      

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Try our blends or purchase some seasonal single origins.

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Get Distinctive Private Label

At 60West Coffee, we believe it is important that the coffee you serve reflects your personality. Work with us and create your unique blend packed and retailed under your very own logo.


At 60West, we are experienced cafe operators. We understand the support required to make your cafe business a success. We can take care of anything you require, from equipment servicing to barista training, so you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business.



Do you want your own private label?

If you have a restaurant, café, bed & breakfast, grocery store, corporate or any other establishment that offers roasted coffee, then you can rise above the competition with your very own coffee blend.

Unlike commercially available brands offered by many establishments, Sixty West will partner with you to create a blend that’s as unique as your brand, and which you can package and retail under your own label.

What’s more, we also help with consulting on the coffee business, from packaging to marketing. Give us a shout out to understand how we can make your coffee business better.