Private Label

Give a Boost to Your Business with Exclusive Private Label

We at Sixty West believe that blending and roasting of coffee beans is certainly an art that requires true dedication and expertise. We are known to deliver perfection for bistros, coffee shops, bakeries, cafes and finer restaurants. Our top grade wholesale coffee beans are roasted freshly and shipped within a few hours. We provide opportunities to you for your exclusive coffee private label. We are truly the best in the business. Bank on us for perfect services.

Branding Is Your Best Bet

Branding goes a long way in boosting your business. You can create your own signature brand. In case you have an inclination toward a particular flavour profile, a specific look or feel or if you think that there is nothing more to try out, it is time for something new and exciting. We boast of a world class team of roasters, strategists as well as graphic designers, who would be assisting you every step of the way in building your exclusive brand through packaging, signage, and even marketing. Your signature blend is ready to roll out.

Opt for Our Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

All the specialty coffees in our inventory on the website are hand-crafted and freshly roasted to perfection by artisan roasters. Out top grade coffee beans are freshly roasted and then shipped within a few hours.

Free Private Label Especially for You

Your own private label ensures a niche for you in the business. Your private label is definitely a robust asset for your business as that would promote your identity and customers would be coming back to you again and again. Sixty West is known for its deep passion for coffee. Our quest for the roasted wonder is truly a love affair. We make your dream of a private label coffee a reality.

How to Create an Exclusive Private Label

3 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Select your preferred flavour profile.

Browse through our extensive inventory online and choose from a wide spectrum of award-winning blends, exotic single origins or go for your very own distinctive coffee blend.

STEP 2: Leave the Designing of your private label to us.

We would be designing your private label. We have an exceptionally creative in-house team that would be designing your packaging most effectively to flaunt your brand.

STEP 3: Trust us with all the services.

We are highly efficient in fresh roasting and also, packing your signature blend for you. We provide top class end-to-end services to our customers. We roast, pack and deliver to perfection your private label roasted coffee that is shelf-ready for you.