Private Label

Give a Boost to Your Business with Exclusive Private Label

We at 60West believe that blending and roasting of coffee beans is certainly an art that requires true dedication and expertise. We work hard to source the best available green beans, and roast our coffee slowly and carefully with love.

We believe coffee to be more than a beverage. It can be reflective of your business and personality. As such, we offer a wide variety of services such as developing custom blends as well as private labelling which suits the customers’ profile.

Your Own Brand

Branding goes a long way in boosting your business. Your own private label ensures a niche for you in the business. It is definitely a robust asset for your business as that would promote your identity and ensure customers would be coming back to you again and again. Our role is to help make your business a success. Work with us and we can make your private brand a reality!

You can create your own exclusive blend or choose from one of our existing blends to be packaged under your own branding.

Quality Control

At 60West, we understand that the quality of our coffee impacts your brand. Therefore, we impliment traceable, strict quality control measures – from raw green coffee beans to roasted coffee. Every batch is analysed for its roast degree and cupped prior to release.

All the specialty coffees in our inventory on the website are hand-crafted and freshly roasted to perfection in a state-of-the-art, HACCP and SQF certified facility.

How to Create an Exclusive Private Label

2 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Select your preferred flavour profile.

Sample and taste our blends or exotic single origins on offer or work with us to create your own unique blend.

STEP 2: Trust us with all the services.

Pass on your logo to us. We will present all available packaging options to you. Once approved, we can start producing your very own branded coffee brand