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Discover a Whole New Coffee Experience : Mind-blowing Wholesale Coffee Especially

Customized for Your Brand

60West believes in offering mind-blowing coffee experience and moments to cherish about. With expertise and experience extending over three decades in the Australian coffee industry, Sixty West has made a niche for itself. Numerous retail and wholesale coffee fanatics across Australia choose Sixty West for providing gourmet specialty coffee, personally fresh roasted for them. We assure top quality roasted coffee beans, promise highest levels of customer service and guarantee 100 percent satisfaction. We strive to be one of the top wholesale coffee suppliers based in Melbourne, Australia.
Our mission is to give you a truly memorable and pleasurable coffee experience. Our aim is to see your face light up with a smile, while sipping our exclusive coffee. Even before we buy our coffee beans, they would have successfully undergone the expert analysis as well as cupping tastes of leading coffee buyers or importers in the world.

What Makes Us Special
Innovation at Its Best :

Coffee is our passion. We are constantly experimenting with innovative blends, or roasting profiles. We are on the lookout for potential coffee varieties to add to our gourmet coffee offerings. Our motto is striving for excellence and perfection in all hand-crafted roasts.

Customer is King :

Besides providing high quality fresh roasted wholesale and retail coffee, we have been successful in building solid relationship with our clients. We take pride in our devotion toward roasting performance that is actually reflected in our top quality customer service. For us, our primary concern is dedicated customer service and nothing is of more importance than our customers.

Freedom to Customize :

We deal mostly in Arabica coffees that are high grown having a wide spectrum of taste. Most of the reputed specialty coffee shops are known to use exclusively Arabica coffee beans. Some espresso blends also contain Robusta beans. We aim to be one of the best wholesale coffee suppliers Melbourne and we offer exclusively, the highest grade of roasted coffee beans. You just need to choose the coffee you want. Purchase it. Brand it along with your exclusive label. You could then sell, as well as, distribute it as your exclusive private brand.

Unmatched Experience :

At 60West we take pride in our 30 years or more of experience in the business of top quality roasted coffee beans. We are involved in all aspects of the coffee business including sourcing premium quality wholesale coffee beans Melbourne, roasting the coffee beans to perfection, marketing them and distributing them too. We are regarded as one of the best end-to end service providers in the coffee industry. Generally speaking, our entire approach to wholesale coffee business is consistent, friendly and widely experienced.

How to Make This Work

Just 2 Easy Steps to get your exclusive private coffee label.

1. Opt for any single origin coffee to magical blends from our exciting inventory. Order online. Simply go for repackaging with your exclusive branding. You are now all set to go.

2. Boost your business with custom-made signature blend. You simply need to identify the perfect blend through cupping sessions. We then do the roasting of beans to perfection.